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Help us ensure that Greenville can continue the positive momentum and impressive economic growth through the next two years! Contribute to the campaign to Re-Elect Mayor Allen Thomas.

Election regulations ask that we request the occupation of each of our campaign donors. We also ask that you contribute from personal accounts only and not from business accounts. The maximum donation amount allowed in NC is $4,000.

Thank You! -Mayor Allen Thomas

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About Allen

Allen Thomas has over twenty years of experience working on private and public sector issues in government affairs guiding initiatives through the government maze. He has extensive working knowledge and a track record with leaders on the state and federal level. Thomas worked with the North Carolina Department of Commerce, recruiting business, industry and jobs to the State of North Carolina.  Read more

Mission Statement

“My pledge to you is to bring energy and commitment to move Greenville forward.  I will work hard every day and be accessible to you. I will work along side our City Council, Manager and staff to see that Greenville has every opportunity to continue to grow economically, enhance our quality of life and build a strong, vibrant community. 

Together we can move Greenville forward for you and your family to prosper and grow.”


Moving Greenville Forward

Re-elect Allen Thomas

Platform At A Glance

  • Jobs & Growth
  • • Greenville needs jobs. In today’s competitive environment it is time for a proactive strategy to bring business, industry and jobs to our citizens. I will focus my experience to make job growth our priority.

    • Improve communication and relations with East Carolina University, University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina, and our largest employers.

    • Launch “Buy Greenville” campaign, supporting our local businesses and retailers.

    • Time to promote Greenville! Economic and business recruitment on the state and national level to bring jobs and opportunity to Greenville. Position our city at the forefront of North Carolina growth.

  • Crime
  • • Crime is more than statistics; it is a perception of your community. I will work with the city council to reinforce and strengthen Greenville’s reputation as progressive and safe community.

    • Implement a strong police presence in high crime areas with on-the-street enforcement, getting habitual criminals and gang members out of our neighborhoods.

    • Prioritize focus on our university neighborhoods and downtown Greenville and reinforce our university community as a vibrant and safe environment for all.

    • Implement a comprehensive approach to crime, with judiciary and community involvement to launch a more effective long-term strategy for Greenville.

  • Community
  • • Support and work to improve our neighborhood initiatives that provide services for our diverse population, improving the quality of life for all our citizens.

    • Advocate Public/Private partnership to revitalize West Greenville, North River and downtown, work to re-direct at-risk youths to trade and life skill training, and expand the Police Athletic League.

    • Support the Comprehensive Land Use Plan mandating balanced and orderly growth.

    • Priority ONE is outreach, participation and communication as an elected official, spending time in our community and share a working relationship with citizen input and community groups of Greenville.

  • Management
  • • It is time for balanced leadership, business acumen, effective communication and a return to strong external advocacy. We face a budget shortfall. I will fight those who want to increase your tax rate.

    • As Mayor, I will preside over meetings of the City Council in a clear, orderly and efficient manner.

    • Work in conjunction with the City Council to provide a balanced and fair platform that represents the City of Greenville and our community.

    • Proactively engage with staff to promote fiscal responsibility, with a climate of transparency and accountability.